Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers - Part 1

Google Analytics offers very good opportunity to make a career in, to get you started here are top Google Analytics interview questions and answers. Remember, these are not for just the beginner..

1.       What do you mean by Analytics?
Analytics is the discovery and communication of different patterns in data. It helps us making better decision, it works like a customer's feedback to a particular product/service. Digital Analytics is a combination of mathematical statistics and computer programs.

2.      What do you analyse most often in Google Analytics? OR what is the most important things in Google Analytics you will want to analyse.

Google Analytics provides a lots of data and insights and every data pattern is important but still there are some areas where we can focus more like: - Traffic Sources - Bounce & Exit Rate - Top Performing Pages/Landing Pages - Unique Vs. Returning Visitors - Funnel & Goal Conversions - E-Commerce Tracking (If applicable) - Visitors Demography/Geography

3.      What is a visit?

A visit is a browser session initiated by an actual visitor, the session timeout is 30 Minutes in Google Analytics.

4.      What is a Search Depth?

The average number of pages visitors viewed after performing a search.

5.      What is RPC?

RPC stands for Revenue Per Click, we use this parameter during the E-Commerce tracking.

6.      What is event tracking?

Event tracking involves the Google Analytics code customization and is used to track a particular event/activity on a website like a click, file download or any other conversion.

7.      Which is more important - Bounce Rate or Exit Rate

Both are almost equally important but still depends on the number of factors like a high exit rate of a contact page/thanks page or a funnel's end page is natural.

8.     Where to include the Google Analytics code in the HTML & why?

just before the close body </body> tag, because the code will run only after the whole page body is loaded in the browser, thus it increase the quality of visit count and only an actual visitor is counted.

9.      Difference Between Clicks and Visits

A Click is an event (Mostly Used in PPC Models) and a visit is a browser session initiated by an actual visitor.

10.  What are analytics cookies

Cookies are the text files which are stored on the client computer.


  1. The right place to add GA code is just before closing the head tag.

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  4. These are really good questions and answers . Having an practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge is also an important thing.